Lady Nancy Bagot

It is with deep regret that the Bagot Goat Society have to record the death of their Honorary President, Lady Nancy Bagot, who passed away at the end of February 2014.

Peter Evans, who established and ran the Society for many years and knew Lady Bagot well recollects her as a remarkable lady in many respects:

‘With her demise it is the end of another era. To do what she did on her own is just amazing. I am sure many would have given up the task, but that was not her style. A great Lady and she will be missed by many people.’

Lady Nancy Bagot will be remembered in a memorial service on 26th April 2014.

Double Bagot Goat Celebration at Cotswold Farm Park

BG Alice at Cotswold Farm Park. 14 years old and still kidding.
BG Alice at Cotswold Farm Park. 14 years old and still kidding.



Alice the Bagot goat, one of the Cotswold Farm Park’s oldest residents caused a double celebration last week. On Tuesday 25th February 2014 she gave birth to a happy and healthy female kid, and then, only three days later Alice had her 14th birthday.

Alice lives in a herd of 15 Bagot goats at Cotswold Farm Park, and her new addition is one of 12 expected goat kids at the park this year. This is Alice’s fifth daughter.

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